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At Sparks Industries, we offer a variety of commercial and residential services. Check out the 30 different locations we service in the Bucks-Mont Area that make your Topsoil, Mulch, Compost and Stone needs easier.

What is Soil?

Soil is made up of organic matter, rock particles, clay, and other minerals. It is generally understood as the top layer of the earth's ground covering. Amended soil is produced when you harvest virgin soil and add processed components such as sand, compost, wood chips, or biochar to meet a certain specification. Many specifications used include but aren't limited to organic percentage, minimum sieve analysis, pH, nitrate, soluble salts, and percent ranges fro clay, silt, and sand. Soil can be amended to better accommodate certain projects or plants based on some of the specification listed above. Some varieties of soil hold more water while other types are better for promoting drainage or have different mineral, compositions. Pairing your project with the ideal soil type and a mixture of components will help ensure success for your project.

Types of Soil

There are three primary types of soil, determined by the amount of clay, silt, or sand particles present.

Clay Soil
  • Clay soil is used in pottery and ceramics and contains a high percentage of clay and silt. The particles are small and cling together, holding water and nutrients well. However, clay soil is susceptible to compaction, which can make it difficult for the moisture and nutrients to reach plant roots and for roots to penetrate the soil. You can identify clay soil by its sticky, slippery feel.
Sandy Soil
  • Sandy soil is composed of larger, coarser particles. It drains quickly, but it isn't effective at holding moisture and nutrients. 
  • Loam has a good balance of clay, silt, sand, and organic material. It is the best type of soil for gardening, drainage, and retention of moisture and nutrients.

Our Experience

Almost 47 years of topsoil experience has led us to break into the amended soil industry. We are proud to provide PA’s tri-county areas with the highest quality custom amended soil. We provide SPEC sheets for each of our amendments and are happy to have all our soils tested.

Past Jobs etc.:

  • SR RT 13
  • SR RT 95
  • Toll Brothers Enclave @ Promenade
  • Big Oak Crossing
  • SR202 Section 655
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