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At Sparks Industries, we offer a variety of commercial and residential services. Check out the 30 different locations we service in the Bucks-Mont Area that make your Topsoil, Mulch, Compost and Stone needs easier.

Dumping/Recycling Center

Once you’ve finished a landscaping job, it’s hard to know what to do with all the lawn waste that is leftover. At both our Doylestown and Jamison location, we can help. Businesses and residents are encouraged to drop off lawn waste to be recycled into mulch. This is a much more eco-friendly way to dispose of lawn waste than leaving it on the curb to be dumped into a landfill or burned. We offer this service to help Doylestown and Jamison stay green, and give its residents another source of rich mulch that will help their lawns and gardens flourish.


For only a small fee, you can get your tree trimmings, branches, brush, and logs mulched, while doing your part to keep these out of the landfill. If you have spare wood chips to dispose of, we will mulch them for free. 

Topsoil Truck

Locations in Doylestown & Jamison, PA

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Doylestown Location

4094 Burnt House Hill Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

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2616 Rushland Rd, Jamison, PA 18929

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