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Our compost will do wonders for your next gardening project! We offer a variety of compost for enriching your soil.

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leaf mulch

Leaf Mulch

composting manure

Composting Manure

Mushroom soil

Mushroom Soil

Benefits of Composting

Composting is the process of decomposing organic matter and repurposing it into a rich soil amendment to improve its quality. It is estimated that over a quarter of all waste produced in the United Stated can be made into compost. The benefits of composting are therefore, two-fold. Compost eliminates a large portion of waste and keeps organically degradable items out of landfills, which simultaneously saves space and lowers greenhouse emissions by preventing the production of methane gas. But perhaps the most important, are the benefits compost can bring to your soil. Unlike fertilizer, which is only designed to feed plants, compost feeds the soil food web. Amending your soil with compost adds a rich organic matter that returns beneficial bacteria, fungi and organisms such as earthworms back into your dirt. Composting your yard allows for better water retention, and has even been shown to make your plants more resilient against certain diseases.

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When is the Best Time to Apply Compost and How Much ?

Generally, fall is considered the best time for applying compost to your yard; however, applying it in early spring can have nearly the same level of benefits. The amount of compost you use will depend largely on the size of the area you are working with. We recommend using about 1/2-inch layer of compost on top of your soil, or 1-2 inches to amend the soil. If using planters, you should aim for no more than 30% of compost to soil ratio. Whether you’re amending poor-quality soil before planting, or simply enriching your existing soil around current plants, compost is an eco-friendly, sustainable product for your project. Don’t hesitate to speak to our experienced staff today to learn more about our line of compost products. We will gladly help you select the optimal type of compost and ensure that you get the right amount for your specific needs. 

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Don't wait until your beds are filled with unwanted weeds and brush, call today for fresh mulch. Start off the warmer season with beautiful flower beds to look at. You can count on our experienced staff to get you the best mulch around.


Our mulch is perfect for small and large landscaping projects. Whether you are updating your front yard or filling in a park or playground, our team can deliver the proper amount to you! We have the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the area, as well as some of the best prices in town.

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